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Chocolate at its finest.



–          It’s high in antioxydants. In fact, it has the highest concentration of any food known to man. As basis for comparison, it is 20 times more concentrated in antioxydants than 70% cocoa chocolate, and about 15 times more than green tea and red wine. –          It has the highest concentration of key nutrients, such as iron and magnesium. This is significant because up to 80% of Westerners are deficient in magnesium, which has been linked with the vast majority of the chronic disease that plague our society. –          It is virtually the only food in the world that helps our brain produce more “feel-good hormones”. It contains PEA (increases dopamine production), Tryptophan (increases serotonin production), and Anandamide (known as the “Bliss Chemical”-  it’s usually released when we are in love or after physical exercise).

Raw chocolate

Our raw chocolate is ready for consumption


comes in a resealable package, to contain its freshness


Our  Process

From the Cacao tree

Our product is harvested in this fireld inecuador"s west coast and tropical lands.  Its hand picked for quality. 

Carefully selected

Our Cacao is carefully picked to make sure its ripe and ready


After drying and curing process

we roast our cacao beans to perfection to maintain the natural flavour and aroma


Our chocolate is raw and ready to use in any form you please. click on our recepies section for ideas.

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